Test Fixture - ATN Series


The ATN-series of fixtures are easy and fast to use.

Test probes improves test performance
Using test probes greatly improves the opportunities for testing individual signals and components in order to locate errors in selected components or limited areas of the PCB. The interface to external connectors may be achieved by the use of test probes. All test probes are mounted in sockets so mounting and replacing test probes are very easy.

Functional Test and Repair
The test fixture is intended for both functional test and repair.

Basic Function
The test fixture has two basic functions. Firstly to fix the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in a well defined position and secondly to move and position the test probes accurately on the PCB. When the test probes have established the contact electronic tests can be performed.

Individual Adaptation
The standard fixture can be considered as an empty cabinet which must be adapted to the test of a specific PCB. The first part of the cabinet handles the basic function of connecting the test probes to the PCB. A test probe plate and a PCB plate must be prepared. The remaining part of the cabinet is empty and is intended for built in of electronic test equipment.

How to Operate
When a PCB is tested a typical sequence looks like this:

  • A PCB is placed in the fixture
  • The cover is closed to fix the PCB
  • The handle is turned to connect the test probes
  • When the test is finished the handle is turned back and the cover is opened
  • The tested PCB is removed

The fixture has a built in micro switch which indicates when the test probes have contact to the PCB i.e. when the test handle is activated. The cover is locked when the test probes are activated.

The design of the fixture provides great flexibility to test various different mechanical PCB designs. E.g. as no vacuum is used, holes in the PCB don’t make up a problem. Both single PCB's and panels of PCB's may be tested in the same fixture, see pictures.

When access to equipment mounted in the fixture is required the front, top, back and bottom panels can easily be removed avoiding the service engineers nightmare that access to measure and service PCB’s is very difficult.

Preventive Maintenance
No preventive maintenance except for cleaning and replacement of test probes is required.

The over all economy of the test fixture is good. When a PCB is phased out the test fixture can be prepared for test of a new PCB. Further more no extra cabinets are required for e.g. signal condition PCB’s and power supplies. Another advantage is the saving of time when a test of series of PCB’s is prepared because the fixture is easy to handle and has few external connections.

Overall Superior Test Solution
Beyond the easy and fast operation the fixture has advantages as

  • The test fixture has excellent ergonomics
  • A cabinet very suitable for built-in of electronic test equipment
  • The test fixture is easy to service and move
  • No need for vacuum connections
  • Test of both panels and single PCB's