Test Fixture - ATP Series


The ATP2020 fixture takes up little space on a table


Small Space - Easy to Use
The ATP fixture takes up only little space on a table. Its true parallel movement works smoothly and engages the PCB without much force. The cassette system makes it easy to set up a test for another type of PCB.

Basic Function
The test fixture has two basic functions. It fixes the PCB accurately on the test probes and then presses the PCB against the test probe springs. A high test probe spring pressure from many probes is compensated by a mechanical exchange in the fixture handle.

Cassette System
The cassette system has several advantages. It is very simple to switch between test of different types of PCBs. Simply lift away the cassette and pull out the retention gate. Then mount another pair of cassette and retention gate. Switching requires no tools and takes approx. 30 seconds.

A limited amount of electronic test equipment may be mounted in the cassette. To interface the cassette, the back panel already has punched holes for SubD9, 15 and 25 connectors. An aluminum back panel can be used for customer connectors. In the front panel holes for a start button and 2 LEDs are prepared. A micro switch indicates when the test probes are activated.

How to Operate
The fixture is operated by a handle that moves the fixture elevator smoothly without much force. When a PCB is tested a typical sequence looks like this:

  • Place a PCB in the fixture
  • Press the handle
  • When the test is finished lift the handle
  • Remove the tested PCB

Functional Test and Repair
The test fixture is intended for functional test. As the access from the topside is depending on the actual configuration it may also in some cases be used for investigation and repair of defective boards.

Overall Superior Test Solution
The ATP fixture offers an easy mechanical test solution. In many cases the cassette already has all the required mechanical work implemented. This feature comes along with

  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Only one movement to activate the test
  • The fixture takes up little space
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Simple switch of cassette for test of another type of PCB
  • The fixture is easy to move
  • Low cost cassette system
  • A cabinet suitable for built-in of electronic test equipment
  • No need for vacuum connections


Fixture Sizes



ATP fixtures are available for max. PCB sizes of 200 x 200 mm (ATP2020) and 200 x 350 mm (ATP2035). The maximum number of test probes is 250.